The Offshore oil and gas industry is made up of different exploration, production and support vessels, all of which demand a marine fuel supplier that understands the very specific needs. Time of the essence with these state - of - the - art vessels, such as Exploration and Drilling, Offshore Support, Offshore Production, Construction and special purpose vessels used in the multiple phases of oil and gas exploration and prodution. The priority is and always will be that marine fuel is delivered in a timely manner using high specification and expertly crewed barges ensuring operational performance while never compromising the highest levels of safety standards.

Cockett Marine Oil's longstanding expertise and capabilities in managing the physical supply of fuel through its extensive international network, is the perfect partner for the offshore industry. Its global reach and regional presence results in an understanding of local operating logistics and requirements. If operating in the offshore waters in Brazil for instance, operators are required to work with local licensed companies to ensure compliance with the country's laws.Cockett Marine's office in Rio de Janeiro is fully licensed and perfectly suited to provide the required services and competitively priced marine fuels and lubricants.

What differentiates Cockett from all others is the ability to competitively offer a diverse range of marine-related services and products. Cockett Marine is very proud of its achievements over many years in this very demanding sector.

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Cockett Marine is a registered member of First Point Assessment (FPAL)



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